Special Treatment Ambulance Service

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Mr. Joseph Gabai

On 3/8/15, I visited my father in a nursing home. Suddenly I noticed that my father was

bleeding from the nose.

I turned immediately to the staff at the nursing home to help stop the bleeding.

After a few minutes the nurse made me understand that the bleeding does not stop because

my father receives blood thinners. They called the S.T.A.S. Ambulance Service.

The ambulance arrived immediately, the team started to do its work identifying the problem

even before we told them what had happened.

They immediately administered intravenous fluids' infusion because the bleeding was

massive. They recommended transferring my father to the Meir Hospital. They explained

that transporting him to the Laniado Hospital (which is closer), will not provide the required

service. The Meir Hospital has an otolaryngologist at their emergency treatment unit. We

arrived quickly at the hospital. The S.T.A.S. Ambulance Service team took us immediately to

the specialized unit, saving us time which is so important in such cases.

I would like to thank the S.T.A.S. Ambulance Service for their professionalism,

determination, initiative to choose the Meir Hospital – giving us an excellent at hock solution

in a stressful situation. Thanks a million!