Special Treatment Ambulance Service

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Equipment / Medication

In our modern times, we are exposed to a large variety of medical equipment intended to help and facilitate the service of emergency medical companies.
We at the S.T.A.S. Ambulance Service purchase advanced and state of the art equipment from world leaders in emergency medicine. This refers not only to the medication we purchase from authorized suppliers, but we also provide auxiliary equipment for emergency medicine teams who are every day out on a mission, in order to provide an efficient and professional service to the patient in need.
It is important to note that the equipment undergoes rigorous testing routine and if a defect is detected, it is immediately replaced by another device.
In addition, the medication supplied to our intensive care ambulance, are inspected and their validity date is controlled, so as not to exceed the date approved by the manufacturer.
Our company focuses on quality control to become the best and leading company in this field.
Quality and professionalism is our way.