Special Treatment Ambulance Service

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Standard Ambulance / Security

One of the most common services and most required services in our company is the

ordering of a standard ambulance.

The purpose of the standard / security ambulance service is providing routine and

emergency services.

It provides an ideal solution to transfer a patient in need of special transportation under

medical supervision by an emergency paramedic.

The service can be for example, transferring a patient to the hospital emergency unit, or

transferring the patient to a medical facility, a private clinic or to any event where the

patient is in need of help or medical supervision.

Providing that service is an ideal solution for nursing home patients or long-term care

centers, enabling the patient to move freely without restriction and giving him/ her a

respectful feeling.

Moreover, a standard ambulance can provide service for dialysis patients and oncology

patients. These are pre-booked shuttle services for their treatment.

This service is welcomed by the patient because over the time, the teams learn to know the

patients and are transferred in the most comfortable way - on the ambulance bed or

stretcher or at their convenience in their wheel chair, for which our ambulances are specially


At the end of the treatment, our ambulance team waits for the patient, preventing the

patient from long waiting time to be driven back to his home. Our ambulances drive our

clients safely and comfortably back home.

It is also important to note that there is an option to transfer the patient from his home to a

medical examination or to another destination. He will be accompanied by a healthcare

professional we provide, who will stay with the patient till his return home.

This saves time for his family members and frees them from unnecessary worry.