Special Treatment Ambulance Service

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Transport and Burial services for the Deceased

At this moment of grief for the deceased family members, we can assure that the S.T.A.S.

Ambulance Service will provide a highly professional service for the last farewell. It will be

performed in a respectful and intimate way. We will provide a thorough and loyal service:

 Taking care of buying the burial site from Hevrat Kadisha or any other entity

 Ordering burial services shortly before the death to make it easier on the family

 Death is determined by a doctor who will issue the death certificate

 Transfer of the deceased to a morgue and /or keeping the deceased for several days

delay at the family's request, anywhere in the country

 Taking care of the relevant paperwork, obituaries (in newspapers included), issuing

burial license, notary translation and approval

 Coordination of funeral date and time

 A variety of coffins, including custom made if needed

 Preparation of the deceased for the burial ceremony (makeup and clothing)

 Transferring the deceased to the burial place in all parts of the country by a special

vehicle or ambulance

 Transferring of the deceased abroad to any place worldwide including the

arrangement of all required certificates

 Arranging the funeral ceremony at the family's request (summoning a priest, a rabbi)

 Arranging the ceremony's logistics: sound system, chairs, tents, catering and more

 Erecting high-quality tombstones – choice of stones and taking care of its

maintenance in any cemetery of the country