Special Treatment Ambulance Service

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Ambulance Security Services for Mass Events

S.T.A.S. Ambulance Services provides its services for large public and private events

across the country: competitions, private events, open-air events and more.

Medical services provided:

 Regular ambulance (ambulance / paramedic) at the customer's request

 Accompanying first-aid men / paramedics

 Intensive - care ambulance (driver / first aid man + paramedic)

 Intensive - care ambulance (driver / first aid man + paramedic + doctor)

 First aid man / paramedic on motorcycle service

 A 4X4 Jeep as first aid service when rough terrain access is required

 Mobile clinic tent which enables providing treatment for a large number of

casualties at the event's place.

 Special equipment at the event's place - the use of powerful generator,

compressors, and lighting systems at the event's place. We also provide first aid kits

specialized for persons in charge at the event's place.

 Team members at the event - paramedics, doctors and first-aid persons.